Not too long ago, FallenandFlawed blog interviewed me about my apologetics ministry and some of my activities, including this book series.  As tends to happen with me, I got a little long and only a portion of the interview could be posted.  With permission, here is the question and answer regarding the book.  (I posted additional unpublished portions of the interview here):

Q. You’ve got a fiction series called Birth Pangs. What motivated you to write this series? What’s it about?

I guess you could say that the Birth Pangs series is my own excursion into ‘literary apologetics.’  It’s pretty unique.  A friend has described it as belonging to the didactic genre.  The series is set in the ‘not too distant future’ after America has been laid low by foreign armies and a biological and nuclear holocaust.  Now, they are rebuilding from scratch.  This setting allows me to discuss everything under the sun:  what is truth, what is real, how do you know?  What is the relationship between religion and government?  What does it mean to be human?  Or a man or a woman in particular?  So on and so forth, only in my series there is no government, church, or school to tell the characters what the real answers are. Read the rest of this entry »

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A ‘true fan’ pointed me to an interesting article.  The premise is that it is possible today for authors and artists to support their passion by finding just 1,000 ‘true fans.’  This is in contrast to the ‘traditional’ approach that tends to leave publishers and promoters fat and happy and artists ‘starving.’

So I thought, “Let’s give it a whirl.”

On the bottom left hand side of this page is a donation/subscription form that uses paypal to process payments, credit card and otherwise.

Here’s the deal:

  • If you subscribe to making $5 a month contributions, I will in return commit to writing a short story every month for your reading pleasure.  In addition, I will give you any soft cover copy of one of my books every year at no additional cost to you.
  • If you subscribe to making $10 a month, I will send along the short story I write each month AND let you read each chapter of the Birth Pangs books AS THEY ARE WRITTEN! Also, I will give you any hard or soft cover copy of one of my books every year at no additional cost to you.
  • If you subscribe to making $15 and up a month, I will include the above and allow you to comment on the Birth Pangs chapters as they are written.  This will allow you to be actively involved in the development of future books!

I will be exploring other options to add value to being a member of the AR Horvath ‘True Fan’ Book Club.  For now, have at it!

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‘Spero’ (Hope) is one of those Latin words that you sort of know, even if you were lucky enough to attend a school which didn’t obstinately prioritise fluency in dead languages.  It is incorporated in quite a few modern English words, most obviously ‘desperate’, or ‘de – sperate’, meaning literally ‘without hope’.  Fortunately, although the times that AR Horvath is writing about may indeed be desperate, the quality of the writing itself is far from it.

Spero elaborates on the events described in ‘Fidelis’, but starts and ends in different places.  This may sound like an odd way to tell a story (book two of a series traditionally picks up where book one finished, after all), but it proves to be a refreshing and clever way to – almost literally – weave a narrative, with a different thread of the future history that Horvath is constructing being plucked out of the tapestry of the whole and examined. Read the rest of this entry »

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If you are encountering the Birth Pangs series for the first time you may be wondering if you needed to start at the beginning, with Fidelis, in order to understand Spero.

Actually, the way that I’ve written the books they can each be read independently. You can read either or both and in any order.  This will be true for the remaining of the series, too.


The series is not linear.

In other words, Spero doesn’t start where Fidelis leads off.  For a number of reasons, I am writing the series with each book (except book 7) reflecting the perspective of a different character in the series.  The time frames covered by all of the books is roughly the same and where the characters of the different books interact, the same scene is present in each book, seen from that character’s unique perspective.  Where the characters depart from each other, the story branches off.  You might say that each book overlaps the others.

This approach allows me to lay ever deeper layers of meaning to the events in the books. One character will think nothing of an event in one book but in another book, another character will perceive the event as a turning point or startling development.

In short, you’ll be able to read any of the first six books in any order that you please.  Each is stand alone, but none are the whole story.

The seventh book will start, chronologically, where the first six books end, and proceed to tie up all the loose ends, weaving the six story lines into a single rope.

There are a number of reasons for why I took this approach.  One of them is that I perceive that our entire lives are like this.  Each of us is a character in a book.  There are some 10 billion books in the ‘series,’ with many of our ‘stories’ overlapping the stories of others. Taken together, our individual stories constitute one grand story.  This grand story contains elements that are astonishing, but in my view, missed if you take the stories of our lives one at a time.  At the same time, one cannot overlook our individual lives, for pieces of them are what make the grand story, the Mosaic, we’ll call it, what it is.

My seven book series is a very faint shadow of what I perceive is reality.  It begs the question:  if the Birth Pangs series are a mosaic of my authorship, who is the Author of the series of our lives?  Is there really no Author?  Really?  I don’t think so.  If you think that way, one of my aims is to persuade you otherwise.

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