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New Player Primer
New Player Primer
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Welcome to the Birth Pangs RPG (BP RPG) New Player Primer

The village square
Be sure to Eat EVERY DAY! Forage for food, my friends.

The BP RPG is turning out to be a fairly expansive game, with a lot of areas to explore, covering a good chunk of the mid-central of the United States of America. It's easy to get lost with all that there is to do out there, so keep in mind that the village square is pretty much the center of the village you start in. This area will give you access to most other areas that you can get to, with a few exceptions (we'll talk about those in a little while). If you ever get lost, or are not sure what's going on, head to the village square and regain your bearings.


Your first day
Your first day in the world can be very confusing! You're presented with a lot of information, and you don't need almost any of it! It's true! One thing you should probably keep an eye on though, are your hit points. This is found under "Vital Info." No matter what area of the game you specialize in (if any), there will always be a reason to fight, and so you need to learn how to do battle. The best way to do this is to look for creatures to kill in the forest. When you find one, check out its statistics. If it's higher level than you or has far more hit points than you do, be careful, because you might not live through the fight. If something is too scary, you can try to run away from it, but that may take several tries. Look for a place called the Pawn Shop. There you can buy armor to keep yourself from being hit. Also, a place called the Back Alley will sell weapons in order to give yourself a better chance against these creatures out in the forest.

Once you have defeated a creature, check your hit point total. Chances are you'll notice that you're probably a little hurt. If you are, head on over to the Hospital Tent, and you can get patched up in short order. While you're level 1, healing is free, but as you advance, it becomes more and more expensive. Also keep in mind that it's more expensive to heal 1 point, then later heal 1 point again than it is to heal 2 in one shot. So if you're trying to save some money, and you're barely hurt, you might risk fighting while hurt, and heal the damage from several fights in one shot.

After you've fought a few times in the wilderness, you should head back to a main village, go to the Training Grounds, and talk to Fermion. You can question him, and he will tell you when you are ready to challenge him. When you are ready, you can give him a shot.
Make sure you're healed up first though! Fermion won't kill you if you lose, instead he'll pat you on the back and send you on your way.


Death is a natural part of any game that contains some kind of combat. In the Birth Pangs RPG, being dead is only a temporary condition. 'Final' death will be introduced at a later time. When you die, you'll lose any money that you had on hand (but not money in the bank), and some of the experience you've accumulated. While you're dead, you can explore the land of the shades and the graveyard. In the graveyard, you'll find Horvath, the author of the book series and host of this game. He has certain things that he would like you to do for him, and in return, he may grant you special powers or favors. The graveyard is one of those areas that you can't get to from the main Square. In fact, while you're dead, you can't go to the village square at all!

Unless you can convince Horvath to resurrect you, you'll remain dead until the next game day. There are 12 game days each real day. These occur when the clock in the village square reaches midnight.

New Days
As stated just above, there are 12 game days each real day. These occur when the clock in the village square reaches midnight. When you get a new day, you'll be granted new forest fights, interest on gold you have in the bank (if the bankers are pleased with your performance!), and a lot of your other statistics will be refreshed. You'll also be resurrected if you were dead, and get another chance to take on the world. If you don't log on over the course of an entire game day, you'll miss your opportunity to partake in that game day (this means that new game days are only assigned when you actually log on, being away from the game for a few days won't grant you a whole bunch of new days). Forest fights, PvP battles, special power usages and other things that get refreshed on a daily basis do NOT get carried over from one day to the next (you can't build up a whole bunch of them).

PvP (Player versus Player)
The BP RPG contains a PvP element, where players can attack each other. As a new player, you are protected from PvP for your first 2 game days or until you accumulate 1 experience, unless you choose to attack another player. This server not only has the PvP aspect turned on, it also uses it as part of its law enforcement mechanism. If you wish to engage in PvP combat, look in the village square for "Fight other Travelers." There are other places where you can find travelers to fight if you are so inclined.

When you are attacked and die in PvP, you lose whatever gold you had on hand, and 7.5% of your experience. You won't lose any turns in the forest, or any other stats. If you attack someone else in PvP, you'll get 10% of the experience they had, and any gold they had on hand. If you attack someone else and lose, however, you'll lose 20% of your experience, and you'll lose any gold that you had on hand. If someone else attacks you and they lose, you'll gain the gold they had on hand, and 15% of their experience. There are rules about who can attack whom based on your level, so most Level 1 characters are safe from big Level 15 characters. However, once someone has captured the Bandit, he resets to Level 1, so using this as an excuse to pick on "bigger" players is not always advisable.

If you buy a room in an inn, or otherwise gain access to a dwelling when you decide to quit the game, you'll protect yourself somewhat from casual attacking. The only way for someone to attack you when you're in the Local Inn is for them to bribe the bartender, which can be a costly procedure. Quitting to the fields means that someone can attack you without having to pay money or gems to the bartender. You cannot be attacked while you are online, only while you are offline, so the more you play, the more protected you are ;-). Also, if you are attacked and die, no one else can attack you again until you log on again, so don't worry that you'll be attacked 30 or 40 times in one night. Logging back into the game will make you a viable PvP target again if you've already been killed today.

Ready to take on the world!
You should now have a pretty good idea of how the basics of the game work, how to advance, and how to protect yourself. There's a whole lot more to the world, so explore it! Don't be afraid of dying, particularly when you're young, as even when you're dead, there's yet more stuff to do!
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