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A.R. Horvath's Birth Pangs
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A.R. Horvath's Birth Pangs
Welcome to the Birth Pangs Fantasy Role Playing Game.
based on the series by A.R. Horvath.

Current Phase of the Game: Immediately after the Desolations.

State of the Birth Pangs world:

Many decades ago, the United States was overcome by international forces that eliminated the country's government and instituted their own. The country was disarmed after a brutal two-front war. Now, the invaders are largely gone. But they did not leave on their own steam, nor were they driven out by American rebels.

No, it wasn't even the limited worldwide nuclear war that really did it.

It was the devastating disease that drove out the foreign invaders. This disease reduced the entire world to nearly nothing. Every nation now gets the opportunity to start over. The Birth Pangs series, and this RPG, details the starting over in the formerly United States of America.

In the Birth Pangs world and fantasy role playing game, there is more than meets the eye. The question is whether or not there is in OUR world, too...

The current time in Cairo is 4:51 am.
Next new game day in: 19h, 00m, 00s (real time)

Our newest traveler is: Wanderer Tatorsdad


New Players- READ the FAQ to the left after you sign up or NOTHING
will make sense. Read the
FAQ before you ask questions!

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The RPG Home of "Fidelis"
by A.R. Horvath

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