Interview Question about My Book Series

Not too long ago, FallenandFlawed blog interviewed me about my apologetics ministry and some of my activities, including this book series.  As tends to happen with me, I got a little long and only a portion of the interview could be posted.  With permission, here is the question and answer regarding the book.  (I posted additional unpublished portions of the interview here):

Q. You’ve got a fiction series called Birth Pangs. What motivated you to write this series? What’s it about?

I guess you could say that the Birth Pangs series is my own excursion into ‘literary apologetics.’  It’s pretty unique.  A friend has described it as belonging to the didactic genre.  The series is set in the ‘not too distant future’ after America has been laid low by foreign armies and a biological and nuclear holocaust.  Now, they are rebuilding from scratch.  This setting allows me to discuss everything under the sun:  what is truth, what is real, how do you know?  What is the relationship between religion and government?  What does it mean to be human?  Or a man or a woman in particular?  So on and so forth, only in my series there is no government, church, or school to tell the characters what the real answers are.
The series actually came into my head, nearly fully formed, in the last few months of a stint as an over the road truck driver.  I was motivated to write it because I love writing stories but I think the germ of this particular story was my reflecting on all that we take for granted.  For example, as a truck driver I was criss crossing the country on nicely paved and administered roads.  I imagined what life would be like without that kind of infrastructure.  What if I had to walk to California from Arkansas?  What if I couldn’t just go to the grocery store to get food?  Then I started thinking about what life would be like without that other kind of infrastructure we take for granted- our educational systems, our political system, our churches, etc, in short, our intellectual infrastructure.  You could say that the setting of the series was engineered to provide an opportunity to imagine what that would be like.

There is some definite Christian perspective in the series but the whole point of the series is to give other perspectives a hearing, too.  I have a good friend who is an atheist and liberal who has enjoyed both books in the series and some of my more conservative friends enjoy it, too.  I like that I can appeal to both groups, but the series is not for everyone, either.  There can be some meaty philosophy and theology in the midst of the fantastic battles and subtle diplomacy.  🙂

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