A lot of people have helped me in putting together both the soft cover and hard cover books. I have also received assistance with web graphics and some promotional items.

First of all, let me mention…

Luke Thompson.

Luke did the cover design for both the soft cover and hard cover editions of Fidelis. He did the graphic illustrations in the soft cover and these were retained in the hard cover, though we just noticed that the book itself doesn’t actually say that. He has also helped with the graphics for the website and did the entire skin for the Birth Pangs fantasy role playing game. He has been a great help and a great supporter. Please check out his design site at and his leather crafting site at He does great work.

Kelley Kaffenberger

Kelley and I go way back. She’s an excellent artist and I was pleased that she agreed to create the illustrations for the hard cover version of Fidelis. The specifications were annoying… she wasn’t allowed to draw things that might undercut people’s own imaginations and that made for hard work. And my scenes weren’t easy. 🙂 Good job and many thanks to Kelley! Check out her site at

Tim Seban

Tim goes further back than anyone else mentioned to this point. A friend from college with an excellent radio voice, Tim has agreed to read for Fidelis for the audio book version. At 156,000 words, that’s a lot of reading! Thanks Tim!

Dustin Bankord

Many thanks to Dustin who took my vision for a Youtube ‘trailer’ for Fidelis and made it into a reality.  I thought he did an excellent job!  And here is his web page…