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This will be a presentation on “Fidelis” and writing from the point of view of a Christian, a brief book signing opportunity, and a presentation on Christian apologetics.  As it stands now, the event will be held in their “Albrecht Lounge.”

Q+A time will be allotted for each part of the event.


From Donald Hank, writing for

“Fidelis” is fluent, gripping and written as though the author had actually been there. I saw not a word out of place or any word that may have qualified as filler. That’s why I simply couldn’t put the book down. Neither could my 13-year-old son.

But more importantly, I felt as though I were in a gold mine with nuggets of wisdom popping up everywhere… READ THE WHOLE REVIEW.

From Jean Heimann at the Catholic Fire blog:

In his clear, easy to read writing style, Horvath presents us with a story that grabs our attention from the first page and holds it until the very end. He introduces us to an interesting array of characters, which he describes in picturesque terms, [who] speak for themselves… READ THE WHOLE REVIEW

From Josh M, on Left Behind meets The Dark Tower, July 30, 2007

Fidelis is the first book in the Birthpangs series by A.R. Hovath. If you have ever read the Left Behind series or Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series you will fall in love with this book. I could hardly stop reading it and have been reccomending it to everyone I know. I plan to give this for birthdays and Christmas until the next book comes out.

You follow the journey of Fides through the post-apocalyptic areas of the Americas. If you liked the premise of Left Behind but didn’t like how it was so in-your-face about Christianity, then you will really enjoy this book. It gives you ideas of Christianity without telling you how to think and act. It gives you a foundation on which to build your own opinions.

This book makes for great discussions and arguments on what humanity is and what it should be. It makes you think about your life and actions. This would be great for book clubs or discussion groups.

From Nick, on Awesome Read…, April 13, 2007

I have seen this book compared to Harry Potter and other literary classics, but AR (Tony) Horvath’s book FIDELIS, is in a class by itself. From the very begining to the end, this book makes you think, and also keeps you guessing. There are some bits of flashback to set up the story, and as you delve deeper into the story, you realize why an event took place… and again it makes you think!Twists and turns on every page, filled with an interesting array of characters, each with their own story and tale. I can only look forward with anticipation on the next installment. This is the kind of wait as when JR had been shot on Dallas, in the 1980’s and kept America talking for an entire summer about “Who Shot JR”. Well I know I will be talking with my friends over the summer to ask some of those same type of questions! I will not divulge anything here, as I do not want to spoil it for you… But it will definately keep you guessing!

I would not be surprised if Hollywood came knocking in the next few months, and unlike Harry Potter, this story takes place right here at home… most likely in the not too distant future.

From an anonymous reviewer on

Lord of the Rings, meet Mad Max!‘Fidelis’ is an expertly-crafted adventure of human drama set in a chaotic post-nuclear America. The main character is Fides, a blue-collar ‘everyman’ from the Midwest, who unwillingly becomes a man on a mission, the importance of which is hidden from him. That is , until it’s too late to turn back… From the initial, terrifying plot twist, to places of quiet solitude, to desperate battles involving massed armies, Fides finds both conflict and comfort in the most unlikely places and people, and ultimately, from an unlikely source, the inner strength which had always eluded him. Anthony Horvath has delivered a first-class adventure , a spellbinding saga which I found to poignant, thought-provoking and magical. Packed with surprises and edge-of-your-seat action, ‘Fidelis’ captivates from start to finish.

Brett M, a US soldier in Iraq says, The plot continues to thicken and there is never really a dull moment! Masterfully written and well researched

From Elijah, on,

“There are precious few authors these days trying to use fantastical settings to grapple with deep, personal issues. In fact, “Fidelis”, Horvath’s first fictional work, will probably be the only novel you’ll come across these days that explores topics like truth and propaganda, manhood and bravery, and fact and religion as the deep, perplexing ideas they are–ideas that we can’t understand except in the context of real struggle. Horvath presents this struggle in an equally intriguing post-nuclear America where humanity is exposed and purified in the flames of civil-war and anarchy.As a first attempt to explore such vast topics in an equally vast setting, Horvath sets a high precedence that will make future additions to this series a real challenge. I wait in eager anticipation for the many secrets and mysteries of the Birthpangs world to be unraveled in his future books.”

From Tammy, on, “Great story! I had a hard time putting this book down. I was very intrigued with the “future” portrayed by the author.”

From Rareairpug, on the Birth Pangs Discussion Forum,

“From the opening chapter, Fidelis is full of action packed chases and dangerous encounters with startling twists around every corner. Fides meets a wide array of characters on his travels, and most of them are more than what they seem. From the strange necklace around Fides neck, to the book he receives from Corrie, to the enigmatic words of his fellow traveler Fermion, Fides is surrounded by mystery. Will he find the answers he seeks?

Fidelis takes the reader on an edge of his seat thrill ride from start to finish. Nothing is certain in the world of Fides, and caution is a must for survival. The climatic conclusion of the novel will have readers anxious for the next installment of Birthpangs.”

From Scott, in an email to the author,

“Your descriptive style put me front and centre during the battles, which were very well-concieved and realistic from a tactical point of view,(no invincible “Rambo’s”) and therefore quite realistic. I think I found myself on the edge of my seat more than once!”

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Bulk rates exist for purchases of 5, 10, 15, and 20 or more copies.  Copies are normally $15.95, discounts begin at 10% and range to 30%, based on the number of copies being ordered.  To inquire please send an email to publisher @ 

While affordable copies are available on (click here) this program makes available signed copies of the first book in the Birth Pangs series, “Fidelis.”  A.R. Horvath will sign each of the copies before they are mailed.  Promotional material, like posters and brochures, will be included.

Author A.R. Horvath has agreed to consider making an appearance at book clubs (whether they are using his book or not), depending on schedule, etc.


Notice, though, that it says it will not be available by Christmas, so if you want one before then, you need to get it through


I found the book listed here:

It is still not available for ordering when I looked.  Well, now time to check out BarnesandNoble.


100_0899.JPG 100_0896.JPG 100_0897.JPG 100_0898.JPG

I wanted to make sure that I was able to get the book out in time for Christmas, so I have acquired a number of boxes so I can ship orders myself. Eventually, it will be on, etc. At anyrate, if you want to purchase a copy or copies of Fidelis, use the ‘purchase’ link to the left.


I received the proof copy today and it looked just right.  Copies are ordered for all those who have ordered already plus extra enough to handle the Christmas season. December 1st may not happen, but it won’t be far off.  December 1st is a Friday, and if it doesn’t come then it will be the following Monday.  People who have purchased a book can expect to have their copy in their hands by about December 8th or 9th.


The final texts and graphics have been submitted to the publisher, and from there to the printer.  Assuming that all is well, a proof copy will be sent to me early next week, and an order made for my own copies to distribute shortly after.  There is an unfortunate hitch what with Thanksgiving occurring next week, but hopefully we’ll avoid that snag and I can still have the books no later than December 1st.

Having them by then means that people who have pre-ordered may not have them for another 3-5 days after that, and that is unfortunate, but the hiccup is really that stinking holiday.  Whose idea was that, anyway?

Anyway, we’re going to come pretty close to hitting the target date, and that’s not too shabby.

Many thanks to L. George Thompson, or Elijah St. Cloud, however you wish to refer to him. He is the one responsible for the graphics on this web page and for the book. He has a post discussing his work and Birth Pangs in general at his blog, here:  Many thanks to Mr. St. Cloud!


“Fidelis” is being published through Suzeteo Enterprises: Even with the switch in publishers, we appear to be right on track. The cover is practically completed, and will be posted here soon. Final revisions are also almost done. Formatting- almost done. Everything should be going to the printer sometime between November 15th-17th, with my copies delivered to me sometime Nov 27th-30th. Pre-orders will be shipped shortly after that, leaving me with a supply. They may be available on and early in the month of December. True marketing and distribution will kick in early in the new year.

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It still looks as though we’ll be able to make December 1st for having books available for purchase.  My hope to have some in hand earlier has slipped away, as I ended up having to switch publishers. I do have some concern that December 1st may not be realistic, but even so I don’t think it would take much longer than say, December 7th.  That’s still enough time for Christmas purchases, etc, but naturally I’ll still push for the earlier date.

Its going good!  I should have some cover images to show off in the near future!


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