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Information about the Commission Program is Near the Bottom. 

As part of my campaign to kick off the role playing game based on my book series, I am inviting bloggers to join and participate in my game and hope they will post a review- positive, I hope!- on their blogs, with a link to the game.

As part of this effort, I am going to give additional resources to bloggers who sign up so that they can start the game with more advantages than a new player normally would have. This will allow them to buy weapons and supplies and enable them to travel more widely, earlier.

In order to qualify for this promotion, bloggers should sign up to play the game and immediately send a message to AR Horvath from within the game. He is easy to find, but if you have trouble you can also send a petition, or if all else fails, send an email to him at [email protected] Give him the web address of your blog.

YOU MUST ACTUALLY POST THE LINK ON YOUR BLOG, even if there isn’t a review yet. This is to prove that you really have access to the blog. You can put it in a post or in your blogroll link section. In theory, after Horvath verifies the link you could delete it, but why would you do that? That would be mean.

Please play the game long enough that you can really get a feel for it before you post your review. In particular, READ THE FAQ! It is a big world and takes some getting use to. When you post your review, please alert Horvath. While he reserves the right to decline to link to your review, if it is honest and/or enthusiastic, you can count on Horvath also linking back to your site. Everyone wins.

Information Below on the Commission Program.

To go to the game and get started, go here:

The game takes place in a big world. If you have questions or concerns about getting started, READ THE FAQ. After that, feel free to ask the players in the game, or again send a message to Horvath.


Commission Program: If you want to list my book for sale along with a review of the game, please let me know. I will generate a referral code for you which people arriving from your site and purchasing MUST include when purchasing. Bloggers will earn $3.00 for each book, soft or hard cover.


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Hard Cover Wallpaper

As I’ve mentioned in numerous places, Fidelis is going to be re-released in hard cover for the Christmas season. A very neat promotion is going to be in effect that I hope you all take advantage of. I will be pushing that promotion and the role playing game for the book series, too. My goal is to have several thousand new players in the rpg by February of 2008. That would be fantastic! Plus, the game world is going to be expanded to take into account the release of book 2 in the series, which has new cities involved.

Feel free to poke around and drop me an email at author @ if you are so inclined. I’m looking for book signing gigs, so if you’ve got ideas, let me know!

If you want to get into the groove, click on the wallpaper above and then right click and save the file to your desktop. From there, you can set it as your desktop wallpaper! More images to come! (You can also download it by clicking here.)

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Press Release at 1888.

1888PressRelease) October 05, 2007 – La Crosse, WI. Even though A.R. Horvath’s Fidelis has been available since 2006, positive reviews still are arriving. These arrive in the midst of rumors that Fidelis is going to be released in hard cover for the Christmas season.

Though openly a Christian author, Horvath argues that he considers himself to be an author who is a Christian and not an author creating Christian literature. That said, Ms. Heimann’s review makes it clear that Christians will approve of many of the themes percolating within his book.

For example, she writes: Put quite simply, Fidelis depicts the battle of good vs. evil. Similar in nature to the writings of C.S. Lewis and JRR Tolkien, Fidelis bears a Christian theme, includes Scripture passages, and is rich in Christian symbolism. Other comparisons are invoked merely in the title of her review: An Alternative to Harry Potter.

Though the Christian symbolism is clear in many cases, Ms Heimann adds, Both Christians and non-Christians alike will find Fidelis enjoyable, as it focuses on man’s universal struggles of good vs. evil and truth vs. propaganda. Fidelis is an action- packed, imaginative fantasy that subtly instructs, entertains, and intellectually provokes the reader. It is fascinating reading.

This sentiment is echoed in another favorable review that is recorded on Horvath’s discussion forum posted by a secular humanist, Full of fascinating characters, replete with Tolkeinesque battle sequences and poetical songs, woven with biblical themes and tied up with some extremely fine writing Anthony Horvath’s ‘Fidelis’ is a must-read for fans of the genre which he has single-handedly created with his first novel. Quite an achievement.

Horvath says that this reaction is exactly what he wanted to generate. I wanted to produce a story that just about anyone would enjoy but would allow me to explore themes that are important to me from a perspective that is important to me. As the later books are released, I think these themes will continue to be fleshed out, and if I am as successful with them as I seem to be with Fidelis, people will enjoy the yarn, whether they agree with me or not.

Horvath is available for interviews, seminars, and lectures and can be reached best at his email address at author@ Heimann’s review can be found at her blog at or by by visiting A.R. Horvath’s web page at Horvath maintains a Christian ministry site at


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