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Not too long ago, FallenandFlawed blog interviewed me about my apologetics ministry and some of my activities, including this book series.  As tends to happen with me, I got a little long and only a portion of the interview could be posted.  With permission, here is the question and answer regarding the book.  (I posted additional unpublished portions of the interview here):

Q. You’ve got a fiction series called Birth Pangs. What motivated you to write this series? What’s it about?

I guess you could say that the Birth Pangs series is my own excursion into ‘literary apologetics.’  It’s pretty unique.  A friend has described it as belonging to the didactic genre.  The series is set in the ‘not too distant future’ after America has been laid low by foreign armies and a biological and nuclear holocaust.  Now, they are rebuilding from scratch.  This setting allows me to discuss everything under the sun:  what is truth, what is real, how do you know?  What is the relationship between religion and government?  What does it mean to be human?  Or a man or a woman in particular?  So on and so forth, only in my series there is no government, church, or school to tell the characters what the real answers are. Read the rest of this entry »

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That’s a good thing.  I am down to five books out of my original order of about 75. Not too bad for one month’s work!

Notice, though, that it says it will not be available by Christmas, so if you want one before then, you need to get it through


I found the book listed here:

It is still not available for ordering when I looked.  Well, now time to check out BarnesandNoble.


100_0899.JPG 100_0896.JPG 100_0897.JPG 100_0898.JPG

I wanted to make sure that I was able to get the book out in time for Christmas, so I have acquired a number of boxes so I can ship orders myself. Eventually, it will be on, etc. At anyrate, if you want to purchase a copy or copies of Fidelis, use the ‘purchase’ link to the left.


I received the proof copy today and it looked just right.  Copies are ordered for all those who have ordered already plus extra enough to handle the Christmas season. December 1st may not happen, but it won’t be far off.  December 1st is a Friday, and if it doesn’t come then it will be the following Monday.  People who have purchased a book can expect to have their copy in their hands by about December 8th or 9th.


The final texts and graphics have been submitted to the publisher, and from there to the printer.  Assuming that all is well, a proof copy will be sent to me early next week, and an order made for my own copies to distribute shortly after.  There is an unfortunate hitch what with Thanksgiving occurring next week, but hopefully we’ll avoid that snag and I can still have the books no later than December 1st.

Having them by then means that people who have pre-ordered may not have them for another 3-5 days after that, and that is unfortunate, but the hiccup is really that stinking holiday.  Whose idea was that, anyway?

Anyway, we’re going to come pretty close to hitting the target date, and that’s not too shabby.

Many thanks to L. George Thompson, or Elijah St. Cloud, however you wish to refer to him. He is the one responsible for the graphics on this web page and for the book. He has a post discussing his work and Birth Pangs in general at his blog, here:  Many thanks to Mr. St. Cloud!


“Fidelis” is being published through Suzeteo Enterprises: Even with the switch in publishers, we appear to be right on track. The cover is practically completed, and will be posted here soon. Final revisions are also almost done. Formatting- almost done. Everything should be going to the printer sometime between November 15th-17th, with my copies delivered to me sometime Nov 27th-30th. Pre-orders will be shipped shortly after that, leaving me with a supply. They may be available on and early in the month of December. True marketing and distribution will kick in early in the new year.

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It still looks as though we’ll be able to make December 1st for having books available for purchase.  My hope to have some in hand earlier has slipped away, as I ended up having to switch publishers. I do have some concern that December 1st may not be realistic, but even so I don’t think it would take much longer than say, December 7th.  That’s still enough time for Christmas purchases, etc, but naturally I’ll still push for the earlier date.

Its going good!  I should have some cover images to show off in the near future!


With the idea of having the book available to the public in December of 2006 in mind, October is being set aside as when I’m going to begin actively marketing.  All the layout details and things of that sort will need to be finalized in the first week of November, so I’m thinking of setting a pre-order deadline of October 27th.

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