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Not too long ago, FallenandFlawed blog interviewed me about my apologetics ministry and some of my activities, including this book series.  As tends to happen with me, I got a little long and only a portion of the interview could be posted.  With permission, here is the question and answer regarding the book.  (I posted additional unpublished portions of the interview here):

Q. You’ve got a fiction series called Birth Pangs. What motivated you to write this series? What’s it about?

I guess you could say that the Birth Pangs series is my own excursion into ‘literary apologetics.’  It’s pretty unique.  A friend has described it as belonging to the didactic genre.  The series is set in the ‘not too distant future’ after America has been laid low by foreign armies and a biological and nuclear holocaust.  Now, they are rebuilding from scratch.  This setting allows me to discuss everything under the sun:  what is truth, what is real, how do you know?  What is the relationship between religion and government?  What does it mean to be human?  Or a man or a woman in particular?  So on and so forth, only in my series there is no government, church, or school to tell the characters what the real answers are. Read the rest of this entry »

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That’s a good thing.  I am down to five books out of my original order of about 75. Not too bad for one month’s work!

Notice, though, that it says it will not be available by Christmas, so if you want one before then, you need to get it through


I found the book listed here:

It is still not available for ordering when I looked.  Well, now time to check out BarnesandNoble.


100_0899.JPG 100_0896.JPG 100_0897.JPG 100_0898.JPG

I wanted to make sure that I was able to get the book out in time for Christmas, so I have acquired a number of boxes so I can ship orders myself. Eventually, it will be on, etc. At anyrate, if you want to purchase a copy or copies of Fidelis, use the ‘purchase’ link to the left.


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